Monday, 21 September 2015

2015 year of happenings

August is the month of birthdays in our family, as well as a few friends, it appears that I am surrounded by Leo's. What is special about the month of August is  delivery of our first grandson, born to our eldest son Nigel and his partner Sarah. Logan Anthony Raymond Hacker was born on the 15th August, weighing 3.1kgs. It was love at first sight, such a gorgeous little bundle.
Nannys first cuddle, sleeping and settled
Nigel and Logan baby photos, so similar in looks when born.
Such contentment, mother and son, my favourite photo.
Poppy having first cuddles

  Father and son

Father's Day celebrating three generations on the Nepean Belle
Nearly a month old and finally Uncle Alex has a cuddle.
One month old, focusing and smiling.
Being first time grandparents is wonderful and procreation from your children never ceases to amaze me.


  1. Hello, In one of your November 2014 postings, you shared a quilter's name Christine Books who does teaching and drawings. How best to get a hold of Christine? I really like her Austen medallion drawing. Thanks

  2. I am not sure if she is still teaching!