Sunday, 26 April 2015

Nantes, Paris and culture.

GOn our day of sightseeing in Nantes we had an enjoyable day visiting Chateau Des Ducs De Bretagne and the Le Musee d' histories de Nantes. The tour through the museum takes a couple of hours and an audio guide in English is available. The castle has been restored to it's true magnificence and the redisgned museum is well worth a visit. During the tour you learn about the history of the city, this Breton fortress with its 15th and 18th century buildings testify the history of the city, built by Francois 11, the last duke of Brittany and continued by his daughter Anne of Brittany, twice queen of France. The castle fortifications enclose a renaissannce  palace with exquisitely carved facades and loggia.

Footbridge entry over moat, to Castle.
Anne of Brittany statue.
Artifacts in the museum

Gorgeous paintings, headpiece depicted from the early 1500's
Gorgeous toile, patterns are done with blocks.
Nantes being a shipping port, naval artefacts are displayed in the museum.

French posters
Intricately caved biscuit box

Inside the courtyard of the castle.

After our visit to the Castle we ventured down the streets of Nantes, visited some second hand shops, vintage fabrics, lace etc.

Cosmopolitan streets in Nantes.
After our stroll through the streets we visited the cathedral.

Inside the cathedral 

Gorgeous dome on top of a restaurant and novelty shops in Nantes.

Next day time to catch our train back to Paris

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