Thursday, 19 March 2015

Gourmet Wednesday and family night.

Wednesday the 18th March was a celebration of family and friends. A long acquaintance and friend  of mine since the early 1980's has left work at NETS to go into semi retirement. NETS has lost a great consultant, who not only took the time to triage emergency cases as well as being a very important member of our NETs family. So.. a great way to celebrate Tom leaving, was to have  a get together  with many  NETS friends from past and present, and join my family on gourmet Wednesday. There was 15 in total.  Two was sorely missed, one my wonderful daughter in law Cara who flew out that morning to philadelphia to present, at a conference, her thesis (as part of her PHD),on preschool bullying and Arieta our NETS CMO, who has been at NETS as long as me. Girls you were with us in spirit.

A great evening was had by all.

 Two days of planning and prep work went into a very successful evening.

Entree :Zuppa Di Pesce 

I made my own fish stock for this dish, well worth the effort, an amazing dish.

A very successful entree, enjoyed by most, minus one allergic to shellfish... Tom!

Main consisted of an assortment of salads, exotic mango salad, roasted vegetable salad, coleslaw and Greek salad, baked barramundi, snags, rissoles and eye fillet steak and marinated chicken wings.

Iced Vo Vo slice, white chocolate rose water mousse, Portuguese tarts, hazelnut chocolate cup cakes, chocolate and coffee syrup  pancotta, made by my dear friend Sandy, most ended up on the floor, accidentally  dropped out of a very packed fridge, but what was left was delicious.
Hazelnut flourless chocolate cakes, delicious, well done Nicola.

I also made Sangria, I am not sure who enjoyed it the most, me.....or Janet.

Our outdoor dining area and table, set ready for guests.

All set.

Enjoying the food and company.

Our intimate gathering

Farewell Tom you will be missed at NETs.
Thank you also to my two wonderful sons, Alex for cooking the BBQ and Nigel for putting his butcher skills into practice and also my long suffering DH who did a wonderful job of entertaining and all the washing up.

What have I been up to lately in quilting land...
Attempting to get my last 12 months worth of quilts completed.

This is my version of MSG! Anne Levens quilt, 1640 hexagons, now for the borders,

Borders nearly completed, measures 113 inches, this is a big one, only one side to go. When did I say that I was going to make normal sized quilts, must have been after this quilt.!

Love this fabric so made a skirt, just love the flamingos.
My skirt.

My noodle box, to be added, then off to the quilter. 
Now for the scalloped border.
That's it for now, less than a month till we fly off to France for Pour L'Amour Du Fil in Nantes.

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  1. Busy girl! Lucky you like cooking is all I can say.
    Oh and beautiful quilts too!