Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Time Flies, when you are having fun.

Time is moving on we have under 4 weeks to go for our Quilts on the Down show. Signs will be displayed shortly, flyers have been circulating for months, Council sorted, menu sorted, wires hung to display the quilts, trade tables sorted. Quilt entry forms are rolling in and thank you to my blogger friends for advertising Quilts on the Downs. Staffy Rescue have also advertised on Facebook. 
 It has been 7 weeks since our return from overseas, since then it has been head down and bum up. I have purged, sorted and culled like a mad woman, it is time to move unused items onto a good home. This has been the perfect opportunity for me to get my act together to sort through my fabric stash and unused notions. The thing I love most about quilt shows are the  trade table, where you can buy fabric scrap bags and little handmade treasures.  In amongst the scraps there is always a gorgeous bit of fabric that can be used for the centre of a table runner, fussy cutting and or hexagons.
With this in mind I am attempting to make some items that will be for sale at our Quilts on the Downs days in September, being close to Xmas, hopefully we will be able to buy some handmade Xmas gifts.

Boxes of fabric for sale, their will be  a $ 1, $2, $3, $ 4 and a $5 
Quilts for sale!

Handmade goods, have been donated for sale, profits to Staffy rescue as well.

Patterns and stitchery's will also be for sale.

I have made some diary covers, and recipe Xmas notebook covers, which would make great Xmas gifts , just buy a diary/ A 5 book, insert into cover and give as a gift for Xmas. 
Also some Xmas decorations!
Great to include with a wrapped Xmas gift or to hang on the tree.
Plenty more on sale, we have six other trade tables as well, with lots of goodies, a great time to stock up on Xmas gifts.

On another note, what have I been up to besides sorting and organising a quilt show, the start of a new quilt, a peek preview! time to move away from reproduction fabric and play with Kaffe !
My occasional dabble into jewellery making! What do you think Chris Jurd?

Next holiday is planned.....
DH and I are booked for the Houston Quilt show, a great year to visit as 2014 is the 40th year anniversary and we plan to visit Dallas, San Antonio, Fredericksburg and Houston, this will be my second visit to the Houston Quilt show and I plan to do some classes this time, cannot wait.

Time is getting close, hope to see you all at this event, there will be at least 50 quilts on display from the quilters of Windsor Downs, as well as 20 quilts from our guest quilter, Chris Jurd
See you on the 6th and 7th September!


  1. I can't wait to see the magic you'll weave!

  2. Oops Chris, this is night duty for me, forgot the photo, now added